Thursday, March 11, 2010

Day 1 =Your favorite song!?

Right now ive been lisening mostly to nevershoutnever and playradioplay!
and I have no idea why their names are like that haha its just a coincidence(had to google how to spell the BTW) so ill but a favorite song by both of them.
Nevershoutnever would probably have to be Jane doe(or coffee and cigarettes but i dont think he's actually recorded that song I just found it on youtube by sheer luck!)

Now for playradioplay I first fell in love with their song Texas..but right now it might be same outfit :]
I think they both have very differant styles
I love finding all these new bands <3

okk so instead of putting up the videos like I had before I'll just put some links to the videos just in case your intersted...
Jane doe:http: //
Coffee and Cigarettes:
Same Outfit:

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