Friday, March 19, 2010

hair colors and cuts I want to try

Most are similar cause I'm trying not to make it to hard to picture what I want.Imagine if I had pictures of blond hair and black hair or maybe even orange hair...I'd never be able to decide so I chose dark brown for what I would like to try or mabe brown with natural looking highlights?!?! im confused

Right now my hair looks like this,its dirty blonde and kinda light...its not that i dont like it i just would like to try something new!I plan on getting some more messy layers as well cause I do plan on growing my hair longer.I'm not shure about my bangs though:L

Do you think orange would look good
I need some opinions forizzilesss


  1. I think a cooler brown like cameron diaz's would definitely look nice on you, idk about orange. If you're going to go warm i think something like the first pic would suit you nicely :]

  2. I really like the dark brown look. Very sophisticated and clean looking :P
    Leighton Meester, Alexis Bledel, the girl in the 6th photo (her name slips my mind) and Emma Watson are gorgeous!

  3. I like the brown on Leighton. It looks very simple, and warm.
    Orange? Hmmm.. not