Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Pink glove dance

So i've been in the medical exploratory for about 2 weeks at my school and are teacher will somtimes show us some videos towards the end of class the pink glove dance being one of them. i thought it was really good and the people in the video acually work at the hospital. it was made to raise awarness for breast cancer and what a fun way to do it.Love this video!

but other than this video
the exploratory sucks
but thats just my personal opinion cause i know some of the girl(did i mention its an entire class of girls) do like it.
but how would you feel if
1. you dont know anybody in the class and were'nt very talkactive
2. have to give some person you dont even know a cheek swab
3. dont want to do the exploratory
and 4. just really have no happiness going to the class every morning
but im getting over it i guess :]
only 1 more exploratory after medical
than we pick are shops !

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