Tuesday, March 9, 2010

17 Places i'd like to go some day

-Ney york^


-Santorini, Greece^

-Cape cod beaches^

-Grand Canyon^

-Cape Town (look it up)^

-Las Vegas (why not ahah)^


-Niagara falls!!!!^


-Hong kong?^



-Missouri(no real reason just yet)^




wow that took way longer than i thoght it would
your turn?


  1. ive always wanted to go to alaska and everyone thinks im weird for it lol i remember i almost convinced my friend to go on one of those alaska cruises with me, but then we weren't available on the same dates so that was a no go lol & i love missouri for some weird reason

  2. lol mabe next time we can go to alaska together instead haha :]
    i reAlly wanna go to hawaii right now though im killing for a warm beach to chill on!

  3. i'd loove to go to Alaska! i think it looks amazing. And California too because I'm a huge red hot chili peppers fan, out of the places you have here I've been to New York and Cape Town, both completely worth the trip. :) xxx

  4. luckky!
    ive acually been to capecod but only once
    and id really like to go to newyork soon
    its one of the more close places ,and i can take a train to get their :]