Saturday, May 8, 2010

The cat and the Parrot+Small Haul

Once upon a time their was a cat and parrot who were best friends...Basically the cat eats everything including his friend the parrot:[ boo,but then two crabs cut a hole in his stomach and everything okay again! woo

I didn't want to bore you with all the details.I have a project in my early childhood shop on this story.Their are different groups who have different stores and we have to make a puppet show out of it.My group has the cat and the parrot which is a folktale from India.To bad my group hates each other.Its a bitter group sadly.We will be performing are little puppet show on Monday I would really like to take pictures of everybody's cute puppets.I made two crabs and a donkey:]

but other than that I went shopping today with my mom and got a few things not much but I really like them-
1.We stopped at this thrift store called the real deal thrift store and I got this shirt for a buck!Its my first time I've gone to a thrift store:]

2.I went to the new lush store they have at my mall and got bubblegum lip exfoliate stuff,I've used it twice so far and I like its but nothing that special seems like I could just use regular sugar at home and get the same effect..

Loved the bottom of the jar,such a cute thing to do

3.I got a cute little skirt from forever 21 for less than 10 dollars...I really would love some tights to go with this when I wear it now:[ I didn't try it on when I was at the store so I never noticed how it was a bit see through but tights can fix that once I buy a pair(any body no where I can get some wellquality tights????)

4.Last but not least this shirt I got from H&M,I had actually gotten it awhile ago I know they still selling it in the stores and I would recommend it to anybody because its such a sweet shirt and very comfy to where whenever(its meant to be slouchy that's why it looks very big c:)


  1. Heeeeyyy!! Yeah, I know this seems weird but I like to explore other people's blogs. Random, I know. Thrift store? I always wanted to go to one but I never find any good ones. Have you ever made your own shirt? Whatever. I hope you don't find this weird or anything. Anyway, cool blog!

  2. its my first time going to a thrift store,it was really small but had so many cute little pieces...Ive tryed making my own shirts in the past but they never came out how I wanted them to:/
    I guess I lucked out with the make it your self gene?