Monday, May 24, 2010

Day 15

I'm going to the beach tomrow!!!
no school :)


  1. Hold up, you live in Massachusettes and you're going to the beach?? Isn't it cold??? I wish I lived on the beach. The closest I can get to swimming besides Lake Michigan is the local pool and I hate chlorine.
    Thanks for the feedback. You have no idea how much I enjoyed hearing that my poem makes you feel at the beach. The picture that I had included may be Coasta Rica but the beach that I based my poem off of was not a tropical one. It was from Stone Harbor, New Jersey! Ever heard of it?
    Yeah...I have another friend named Amber. She also has a cool blog. You should check it out.
    P.S. No school on a Tuesday? That's kinda random. Are you out of school already?

  2. nooooo im not out of school me and my cousin took the day out day out to was in the 90's sooooooo hot I burned:[
    i'm sorry to hear you can't swim as much as you would wanna i have a pool so in the summer im always swimming i didnt like the chlorine at first but i get use to it usually....and i really like reading your poems you write soooo wonderfuly