Friday, May 14, 2010

Day4-5 +Videos

ughhh I feel horrible for not putting up my day 4 picture yesterday
I'm such a failuree:[
But I really like doing it so I'm going to do both day 4 and 5 pictures today
Pictures for day 4:This was Me and my lovely cousin Brieanna when we were little,probably at Easter.We go to high school together now and were still soooo close:]

Picture for day 5:

I loved how my flas got this awsome pic....but didnt like how dirty my mirror was:/

Excuse time:]...
I had to go to the dentist yestarday and my teeth are killllling me.I completely forgot about my blog:[
Sorry again

Thanks for reading:D

Greyson Chance Singing Paparazzi
Check out this kid he's crazy good
And I even like this version better than the real one

The beaver song:]

Sophomores showed it to us in early childhood


He always has the best choices of music in his videos.

"Telephone" LADY GAGA Music Video "Don't be a Bully"

I dont even like Lady Gaga that much but I Really like Brittani's Videos

My Lil Cosuin Singing Talk Shit:)

This was acually made a few years ago I think its my cousin Mikey(isnt he a cutie pie)..its so sad now because he's so tall and his baby face is almost gone(dont you love his baby voice,you know you do)
The person talking was my cousin brieanna and mikeys friend Jake..I was straightning Jakes hair.

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