Sunday, May 23, 2010

Jergens natural Glow review

My sister bought this awhile ago to help her tan last and she said it worked good.I've never really cared if I had a tan or not, and I don't enjoy laying in the sun to get a tan because I always,always! get burned and end up looking ridiculous.So I decided to try this,and I really like it.It took a few days for me to notice it working but after a few days you can notice a very soft glow that's perfect if you have really light skin or don't want to damage your skin tanning this summer.I think my sister got this not in the lightest color you can get but I'm pretty sure there is one darker and one for lighter skin.I would recommend this to anyone.It has a nice light feel and didn't turn my hands orange like some other people said it takes around two minutes to try like most other moisturizers or lotions and doesn't leave a greasy this the way You can this at CVS for less than ten dollars,so its super cheap and worth it!

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