Saturday, May 29, 2010

How to:Oreo Truffle Balls!!

What you will need:
1 Package of oreos regular
1 cup(8 oz) of regular or low fat cream cheese
Parchment paper or wax paper(I used parchment)
1-2 Flat pans
Blender or large ziplock bag and roller
2 packages of yummy chocolate chips(use a good brand)
And a way to melt chocolate(I'll explain later)

First: get your pans ready!
I suggest getting 2 flat pans out and covering them with your Parchment paper

Then:Crushing the oreo's!
You can either throw oreo's in your blender and crush them into crumbs not powder*
(do small amounts or the top won't crush and the bottom will turn to powder which you DON'T want!)
Or you can put your oreos into a large ziplock bag and use a roller to crush them

Measure out a cup of cream cheese and add it to your crushed Oreo's and mix until you can't see the cream cheese any more.If its not sticking enough you can add another spoon full of cream cheese till your mixture is smooth and sticking together.

(I just added the cream cheese so I didn't mix it yet*)You don't wanna see any white when your done*

Next: take mixture and start making bite size balls and placing them onto your pans
When your finished place the pans into the fridge for 45-60 minutes

Than:covering with chocolate!
You can either melt your chocolate on a double broiler where you boil water and on the top pan put your chocolate to melt.Or boil your water and when its done remove it from stove and place a glass bowl on top(same concept pretty much ahha) and melt your chocolate
Once its completely melted you can take your chocolate balls and using 2 spoons dunk it into the chocolate and return it to the pan

(forgot to take picture of chocolate actually melted,sorry)

Finally-Refrigerate and eat!
Once all your balls are covered(haha)
you return them to the fridge for another hour then their ready to eat!!!
and you can place them into a container

Everybody will love these chocolate yummy balls:]
and it makes a bunch
I suggest keeping them in the fridge so they don't melt in this warm weather*

And don't Don't forget to clean up:]

thanks for reading
and if you make these or have made them before tell me how you like them:]


  1. I'm making a note of this :) Thanks!

  2. Thanks for sharing.
    I'll be making some soon!


  3. They look so good! I'd just be scared that if I made them I'd eat the lot!