Sunday, February 28, 2010

The wolf man movie review

Last night my parents took me and my cousin to go see the movie Wolfman ^(i dont own picture by any means!)
if i had to rate it 1-10 i'd probably give it a 6 or at most a 7.
it had some good parts and a few parts that would make you jump..but at the end of the movie all i could think of was how tired i was.
*it had one really cool part where the the wolf man was in a chair and it showed him kinda bend and morf into the acual wolf i was really cool.But i mean the wolfman looked just like the those really old movies..Fake looking is what i mean.i think they could have put a little more animation or something to make it more realistic. the movie is still out in theaters so if you wanna see it you should and make your own review on your view :]
kinda had a vahelsing feel which i liked
thought id just throw that outthere haha

Feburary 28 2010

Hey hug bugs!
today i decided to try to start blogging last attempt had only one blog to speak of.
Today my parent and i went out for breakfast,we went to the waffle place(thats what i cal it im not sure what the real name is) but i got thee best chololatechip and strawberyy waffle.Yummmy :]