Sunday, October 24, 2010

How i want to live

inspired by With my head in the clouds

I want to live in small house with open rooms everywhere and big windows letting in all the beautiful nature we'll live around.I want a flat backyard covered in the softest greenest grass so in the summer we can prop up are tents and have a warm fire whenever we want to.we'll have a trampoline too,no worrys about it.upstairs in are little house we can have bunk beds as tree houses and a closet filled with just srapbooks and photos.And we can't forget the softest counch that we can lay on together and watch movies all weekend.

Some pictures

Just so i cant have

if you were any differant would you feel the same way about things?


things i alwasy want in life-
1.My brieanna
2.Some good music fires
4.Working with kids
5.good health
6.someone to talk to
10.My beliefs
11.not to be shy let things go imagination explore new things
15.takeing pictures and videos

Good to keep things like this in mind^
what do you want in your life?