Sunday, February 19, 2012

Christina Perri

I can always be put into a better mood when I listen to her music, its soft but strong because of her voice. Shes alost like the female nevershoutnever version.

A thousand Years^
And if your a twilight fan then you should recognize this song from the movies:)

Favorite vegetarian food:)

This is something I love:)
Its a small vegan/vegetarian restaurant in down town Lowell.
I always get the adventurer and it so delicious that I can't help but eat ever last bite in the huge bowl they give you!!
I recommend meat and non meat eaters to try it because you will not be disappointed,i promise!

look at the website to see their great meals and juice:)

Something I HATE

People who are mean or rude for no purpose but to be unkind or to hear their own voice.