Thursday, December 30, 2010

just writing

Im in the mood to write,about what i'm not sure.but you know how these things work.sometimes the best time to try something is when you don't have any thoughts on what to try.let your mind wonder for just awhile.sooner rather than later those forgotten or small thoughts hiding in the past will come back up for you,or at-least i always feel like that happens to me.I know i'm not really a writer or anything but i always wanted to have something to put down my thoughts so that i could look back on them when i'm old or lost.
Im a sophomore in high school
i never thought i'd make it here,my sister is in college and it seems like i should still be the little girl following her around with her friends
now she's always with her boyfriend, and i'm the one who's suppose to have friends and get a boyfriend.
I'm feel wrong when i don't do what she did,like its suppose to be a pattern
but its not
i thought about college lately
and i want to go to a school farther away so i can live in dorms, i want that experience.
but shit does that cost alot....

Merry late christmas(^my sister made this) and Happy new year!

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