Sunday, April 25, 2010

51 Things to do when your bored

When your bored your always trying to think of things to do right?
so here are 51 things i thought of that might help
or at least cure your boredom for a few minutes
think of 51 things you like to do when your bored and reposte this:]

2.go swimming a book
5.listen to music
6.try to make only one of your eye brows to go up:]
7.make random noises
8.stalk you pet
9.start talking to your pet
11.sit outside
12.go for a walk(with or with out pets:])
13.try to make a video
15.go through your closet
16.make your bed
17.text your friend(yeah some of us still do it)
20.start thinking of random things
23.make cookies with chalk out side!!!
25.walk around your house
27.make toast
28.look through the phone book for funny last names someone with a funny last name
30.think of good comebacks(like ur mom or the good old shut upppp) family guy a movie
33.wash your hands
34.visit your mema about tattoos
36.look at photography with makeup
38.think about future
39.think about moving out with friends
42.spy on neighbors
43.look through old books your made in 2nd grade
44.try to imagine the summer and beaches wii a sport outside
47.think of ways to get your parents to agree to something you want
48.go camping
49.make coffee
50.finger paint on your friends walls:D
51.Color a Mandala

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