Sunday, April 11, 2010

Tattoo Fever

Tattoo: The permanent insertion of ink or other pigments below the skin using a sharp instrument.

Why do we get them or want them:)
main reasons i found by doing a little searching online and questioning were for
-Self expression
-To rebel!
-To show our affiliations and connections
-The past
-Or as simply as because they wanted to

Most popular tattoo designs
-Celtic Knot
-pin up girl
-Harley Davidson

Average age of getting tattooed is 16

Most popular place to get a tattoo-The back followed by the neck,arms, wrists
and ankles.

A Third of Americans With Tattoos Say They
Make Them Feel More Sexy

Top reasons for regretting tattoos
-Name in tattoo
-Doesn't like how it looks
-always visible
-Effects job
-Rash decision

"Results suggest that 24% of Americans between 18 and 50 are tattooed; that's almost one in four. Two surveys from 2003 suggested just 15% to 16% of U.S. adults had a tattoo."

most people online say it hurts most getting tattooed on your ribs,behind your knee,or foot

least pain people say is on your arm(hence the reason people probably start on their arms)

Wanna know anything else just ask,or tell me something that you know about tattoos(like if you have any?!?

it was fun to do all the searching on a fun subject for once


  1. I love tattoos. I'm just too scared to get one.


  2. 16! That's so young! And not legal then... how odd. I love swallow tattoos. I would never get one though because times change and people change but tattoos don't (unless you want it to change into a scar... uh no thank you).


  3. I just got the used heart (by alex pardee) tattooed on my calf and i love it! =D

    (same heart in pic 27) But no tree and its bigger on me. havent decided what i want it hanging on yet lol

  4. i just got a tattoo of 5 stars on my foot with some flourishes, its my 2nd one and hurt way more than my 1st which is on my back. but both of mine mean something to me and thats why i think its worth the pain, trends come and go but as long as it has meaning i dont think you will regret it, i know i wont :)

  5. i love tattoos as well, mine are all in painful places which cant really be seen unless i wear a bikini. i have 5 tattoos and if there's anything i regret, its that i shudve not gotten 5, but instead a single huge on that travels from the back of my thigh, up over my hip, and crving around my back. sigh. but i have 5 now so too late. =P

  6. i'm fifteen and getting a tattoo but, mine is going to mean something, it would be stupid to have one that meant nothing. I've wanted one for so long and can't wait but i know it's gonna hurt; haven't decided where to have it yet;S