Thursday, April 15, 2010

Karlie Kloss

site model-A person who allows sites on myspace to use their photos to make signs. These signs represent their sites.

graceful-Being cool and attractive with all your actions

Meet Karlie Kloss:
Im sure you've seen her atleast once before while flipping through a magazine.She's just so amazing,beautiful, and she makes everything she does seem so effertless.
Loving her right now.


  1. wow, her legs are so incredibly long. i'm jealous!
    xox alison

  2. Lovely face.. I think she will do very well!

  3. uhm.....honestly karlie is tall but she have short legs..

  4. Oh Karlie, why is she so divine. Her legs do look quite long but I think thats also because of her shoe's.
    I do love the pictures though ^.^

  5. She is my gf.....but she does not know yet DX