Monday, March 15, 2010

9 exploratorys later.

First:Machine Tech-Fun,Loved the teacher,Kinda made me feel like boy,Nathan hogged the machine,Made a toy top,Overall one of my top shops :] it gets a thumb up!

Second:CADD-Boring,Mean teacher,We did everything in that class what i had done at my old school so it was really lame,Probably my least favorite exploratory.

Third:Cosmetology-I liked for a change,I really like makeup but we only did hair and nails,Got a manicure:] thumbs up!

Fourth:Health-Was okayy, we didn't do that much hands on stuff, But we did learn how to take a pulse,We made alot of career ladders too.

Fifth:Marketing-This was around Christmas time so for most of the time we were decorating the school's mall for the holiday,Besides that we had a huge packet,And that's it :]

Sixth:Early childhood exploratory-Yes!My favorite exploratory,the teacher was really crazy, Theres a daycare at the school,Cutest kids you've ever seen,Observation room,Mother may I,FunFunFun :]

Seventh:Painting and design-First week was didn't really do anything so it was boring,We got to pain a mini room,Nathaniel was my partner,We painted the "I am not a nugget" Peta chicken :]

Eighth:Medical assisting-I didn't know anybody that well so i didn't like it for the first few weeks,STD pictures were disgusting!!!,STD game was fun though haha i was clear as water at the end :],Teacher was pretty fun to she was always up for anything,We played the most random games,Fun-ish

Nineth:Carpentry-was surprisingly up there for my favorites.I made friends with Emily,melody,and galdius(fuck I can not spell her name for my life) we made coathanger/shelf thing for a wall,it was 4 weeks long,there were some cuties in the class who have black curly hair:]
teacher was so weird and funny He was really cool and overall liked the class

But in the end I choose

ANNNND got into early childhood for my shop,woopee!
my fate is sealed for the next 3 years:]


  1. cool! i wish my high school had exploratorys, it would have made me decide what i wanted to study sooner lol

  2. yeah they have so many chooses i wasnt sure what i really wanted in the begining so it helps alot