Sunday, March 7, 2010

Romeo and Juliet (1996) movie

heyy cutie to the 8-9 followers i have haha right now im at my friends kelseys house who i had duhh stayed the night at. im just about done my milky coffee and im watching the romeo and juliet movie on t.v for the third time. this is i think one of the newer versions because the amasing leonardo dicaprio in it. thats enough to make me watch it 3 more times :]
but i no alot of people dont like it because they think its to "stupid" or somthing...but i love how over dramatic they make everything the only part i dont like is the stupid guns they use idk why but i wasnt feeling that...other than that i love the people who played rome(you know why!) and i likedd mercutio he was really crazy but i like the queen mab part.. the nurse was pretty funny to. the end kinda sucked a little but i still liked it..i wanna get this movie on d.v.d so badly i should probably get the original one to.i love old movies...i also been wanting to get the diary of ann frank i watched it like to years ago and i liked the black and white movie soo much :]
sorry i couldnt get a picture i didnt feel like searching o photobucket this early and having to copy it and all that fun stuff...but i promise to put some up later because i love this movie so much!

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