Thursday, March 4, 2010

2 hair products ive been using..

these are two productus ive been using for about 2 weeks now
**the first one is the TRESemme' heat tamer spray
which i like for many reasons
1. i like how its a spray because it goes in my hair really evenly and doesnt feel heavy.and the other reason is that i can acually feel my hair getting softer and healtheir when i use it
i usually blow drye my hair every morning and will somtimes straighten it when i have time so my hair use to feel really dry and dead looking, so i will recomend this to anyone who uses atlot of heat on their hair cause it really works:]

****the other bottle is bed heads superstar hair product
ill put a very small amout on my hands and run it through the roots of my before i blow dry my hair,its really easy to make ur hair look greasy my using to much of it because it has a oily texture...the bottle says blow dry for thick massive hair and for the most part it will give me a lil extra poof but its usually gone an hour later :[
but i bet if use were to use a lil hair spray it will last longer but because im out i wont be able to tell you the diffferance it makes with and without hairspray... im not sure if i will buy this again but i dont need to worry because the bottles freakin huge and i think it will last forever any ways haha :]
hope this helped

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