Saturday, May 15, 2010

Day 6:Pictures

This is my sister Ashley and her boyfriend Gerry of about 3 years now. This was pictures taken before her prom(like 1-2 years ago).Shes soooooo pretty and her dress was perfect for her.I can't ever imagine being as gorgeous as she is.We get along surprisingly good,before we would always argue but not so much now.And I do look up to her in some ways because,yes she is my sister but I'm very different than her in some ways,infact I strive to be different.I went to a different high school,I went through a kind of emo(or goth as my parents say)stage,we like totally different music,and we have different thoughts on alot of things like tanning(I hate the sun),she'll tan whenever its nice out and in tanning beds which is very bad and I dont aprove>:/!But like most sister or brothers I would guess,my friends always say we act and look the same.I don't understand how but I guess I never will until I'm older?.?


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  1. oh the sisterly love! me back!