Monday, May 10, 2010

Project 365 !

I found this on Georgies blog:]

Basically you have to post 1 picture(s) a day for 365 days, it can be anything that descibes your day...
Which I dont know about you, but i think its a great idea!

so I hope everybody else decides to try it to:]

This was a pictures I took before my groups puppet show in earlychildhood.I made two crabs and a donkey with its tongue sticking out for the cat and the parrot story haha.We only had 4 kids to watch it but they liked it:D


  1. I thought about doing this, but I don't think I can post everyday.
    Good luck! :)


  2. I've been wanting to do that project for awhile, but I'm so forgetful! lol Good luck! and btw those puppets are cute! (: