Sunday, May 16, 2010


I've been uploading pictures for way to long now
its more for me to look at
but if you want to understand me more go ahead and look you stalkers:]

I shall be captioning the rest of these slowly but surely and the next few days*

Me and Brieanna at my house

Mikeys friend Jake at brieanna's

when I was younger and thought I was cool(I wasn't)

a clean face=NO makeup:]

Smurphy around christmas


Car ride to mall

thanks for looking

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  1. Hiaaa,
    Beatrix here. The one behind Fashion's Most Hated. You're a follower of the blog, but I've recentally changed the blog to private. Please could you e-mail your E-mail you use for Blogger to so I can accept you and you can have access to my blog. (: